20 differences Between High School & College Life

High school and college are both established to prepare students for their future endeavors. According to a statistics homework helper, high school teaches students a sense of adulthood while college allows you to take charge of your life. In other words, it shows you how to be independent. The point is there is a massive difference between high school and college life. Only those who have had the opportunity to experience both can relate. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Motivation

In high school, you are likely going to receive incentives from your parents or teachers. They will motivate you to perform well in class. But this doesn’t happen in college. As a college student, no one is going to encourage you with incentives. The best you can get are words of encouragement from your parents, which will not be as intense as the one you got while in high school.

2. Distractions

Sincerely speaking, there are distracters in high school and college. But the difference is that in high school, extracurricular activities that distract students are controlled by parents and the school. But in college, you have the free will to join as many groups as possible. You must be highly disciplined to handle the numerous temptations that will come your way.

3. Friendship

It’s easier to remember the names of your classmates in high school because of the closeness. You also become friends with everyone in the class once you are a member of that class. But in college, even if you can remember the faces of people you shared the same level with it will be difficult to remember their names. You will also count yourself lucky to be friends with just one person.

4. Assignment

High school teachers do not only assign homework. They also check every student’s work to be sure that everyone did their homework. High school teachers will also take time to grade your work. But in college, professors don’t have time to be checking each student’s assignment. When they assign homework, they believe students can attempt the questions in their test or exams.

5. Textbooks

There is a big difference between the cost of books in high school and college. In high school, textbooks are less expensive. But in college, textbook cost a fortune. You may likely purchase more than one book for a single course in college, something that doesn’t often happen in high school.

6. Accommodation

In high school, you are going to live with your parents. The school expects to make its job easier. But college is a different ball game. You will not only live far from your parents in most cases. Your roommates will also be students like you who need to make decisions and take responsibilities for their actions. You can also decide to live on campus or off campus.

7. Help from tutors

In high school, teachers can provide you with the necessary information when you skipped classes due to sickness or circumstances beyond your control. But in college, professors would expect you to get notes from your classmates whenever you don’t come to class.

8. Availability of tutors

High school teachers are always available for conversation, whether before, after or during classes. But that doesn’t happen when you are in college. Professors expect you to visit them only during office hours. They may not grant you audience when you visit after office hours.

9. Attendance

Attendance is compulsory in high school and college. The difference is, in high school, teachers monitor attendance. But in college, professors don’t have much time to track attendance. However, they can also tell when a good number of students skipped their class, especially when the seats are scanty.

10. Makeup tests

In high school, makeup tests are usually available. But in college, makeup tests are not always possible. Even if they are, you have to request for them.

11. Test dates

High school teachers can reschedule a test that clashes with the school’s activities, multiple times. But in college, a professor can fix the test and proceed with it even though it conflicts with the school’s events or other courses.

12. Class population

In high school, the number of students you will find in any classroom can be as small as 35 or even less. But in college, you will find up to 100 students in a class.

13. Class control

High school teachers find it easier to control their classes because the students are few. But in college, lecture halls are often noisy and difficult to control.

14. Study area

In high school, you will do your reading at home most of the time. But in college, you will be forced to make the library your home or choose other reading spots when your room is no longer conducive for reading.

15. Attending classes

In high school, you cannot skip class. Attendance is compulsory. But in college, you can plan your schedule, and participate in only courses you feel are essential. Attending lecture is not mandatory. No one will force you to attend classes or report to your parents whenever you fail to show up in class.

16. Counseling

In high school, a guardian counselor or teacher gives advice. Parents are also involved. But in college, you have to find one yourself, and your parents won’t be there too.

17. Independence

The only time you may have freedom during high school, is when you are writing an examination or test. Besides this, the majority of the decisions you make will come from your parents or teachers. Failure to obey often results in punishment. But there is no such thing in college. You have to make decisions for yourself, manage time and decide the activities you attend. You will be independent and responsible for your actions.

18. Finances

Most of the things purchased while in high school are paid for by parents out of pocket. You won’t have a fixed budget at this point, and you can get whatever you want in most cases. But in college, you need to plan your budget and spend wisely otherwise you may run out of cash. In other words, you will be working on a fixed budget.

19. Exposure to unhealthy lifestyle

Students can expose themselves to unhealthy lifestyle and bad influences in high school and college. But parental control and fear of being caught by the teachers limit such cases in high school. In college, parents cannot monitor you, especially when you are hundreds of miles away from them. So, if one is not careful, he or she can fall into the temptation.

20. Preparation for school

In high school, you need to wake up early in the morning so you won’t miss the school bus or be late for school. You will also have classes every morning unless there is a mandatory school event. In college, you may not often have lectures in the morning. So, you can wake up anytime you like. And depending on the lecture timetable, you may have as little as one to two classes most of the time.


According to an expert homeworkhelpdesk.org helper, college life is fun and very different from high school life. In college, students also face more challenges because of independence. Your parents may probably be hundreds of miles away and there are a lot of distractions on and off campus. One has to be highly disciplined to scale through college and come out victorious.

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