5 Benefits of Investing in A Custom Fit Car Cover

Wondering if you want an inflatable car cover or a tarp to protect your vehicle from the elements? Car storage should be tailored to your needs, instead of just choosing the cheapest or easiest option. Tarp is not a good material to protect your car. It keeps the moisture in, risking mold or mildew under the tarp. The surface may scratch up your car’s finish. Here are five reasons you should invest in a custom car cover for vehicle.

Custom Covers Are Easier to Attach

The best custom fit car covers are easy to take on and off because they fit snugly. You may not always have help when you are putting your cover on or off, so you want the cover to fit well. It should be easy to unroll and put the pieces in place without coming off as you stretch it.

Custom Covers Fit Around Protrusions

A cover needs to wrap about side mirrors or other accessories without bulging or stretching the fabric out. Generic car covers may have a lot of space to allow for extras, which doesn’t protect your car.

Custom Covers Don’t Rub the Car’s Surface

Car covers that are too big for the car rub against the paint job. It’s like wearing an XL shirt if you wear a medium. You’re still covered, but it’s bulky and uncomfortable for you. When a car cover rubs against the paint job, it can cause the dirt underneath to mar the finish. You don’t want any wiggle in the car cover.

Car Covers Deter Thieves

A car cover with zipper hides the car’s details, so thieves don’t know what’s underneath. It makes your car less desirable to get to, because of the added obstacle that obscures the value of your car.

Car Covers Prevent Damage From the Elements

Snow, ice and sunlight all damage your car’s finish. The sun’s UV rays also damage the car’s interior. You prevent premature aging and other damage to your car with a car cover.

Picking Between Car Cover Materials

Car cover materials vary based on the type of cover. An outdoor car cover is usually more durable than an indoor cover. The important thing to note is that the cover is breathable to prevent moisture from building up under the cover. Check the fabric on the inside of the car cover to make sure it is a microfiber that won’t scratch the surface of your car.

Protect Your Car All Year Round

Car covers do more than simply protect your paint job over the winter when you may be storing your car. In the summer, when you park under a tree, you can keep sap from dripping on your car. During the autumn months, you want to protect your car from being covered in leaves. When you’re parked in the open, your car cover protects your car from getting covered in bird droppings.

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