5 essential apps for sports lovers

Sports lovers, if you need even more sports in your day-to-day life on top of what’s already provided by television, social media, and in “real life” we have five mobile apps with your name on it. Each app is a must-download for your phone or tablet (both iOS and Android), allow us to explain:

1. ESPN app: We have to start with the self-proclaimed “worldwide leader in sports” a moniker that’s actually accurate. Their app is truly a one-stop destination for sports. Scores, stats, highlights, breaking news, you name it, ESPN’s app provides it. Additionally, for a small $5 subscription per month, you can subscribe to their ESPN+ streaming service to watch live games and original content.

2. Bleacher Report: Like the ESPN app, B/R’s also supplies an endless stream of scores, news, and content. But where B/R and ESPN differ is their source material. B/R aggregates content from every corner of the Internet, while ESPN just sticks to their own media. That strategy from B/R, along with its algorithm, means you’ll legitimately be in the know 24/7 about your favorite team, sport, or league.

3. FOX Sports: Along with ESPN, no other sports app offers more live sports than FOX Sports. With streaming rights to the NFL, MLB, WWE, and the FIFA World Cup, this app belongs on every fan’s phone. The app is especially handy if you’re constantly on-the-go. All it takes is a decent Internet connection to follow the action live from your mobile device.  

4. Hudl: Of course, sports is more than just watching it, it’s about playing them to the best of your abilities. Hudl helps athletes do exactly that. Use the app to record game performance from your phone, tablet, or hard-drive camera. Then upload that video to the platform to re-watch later and correct mistakes. This app does wonders for both individual or team sports players.  

5. FanDuel: What could possibly make watching sports even more exciting? How about having skin in the game with a money bet on the said game? If the thought of cashing out while watching sports appeals to you which let’s face it, it should FanDuel has you covered. The app is filled with betting options across different sports and events. And if the state you live in still has sports betting outlawed (for now), then take advantage of the app’s daily fantasy games for money-making opportunities.