Best Drones for Beginners

Drones are taking us off to the future. Admit it, you somehow want to learn how to pilot a drone, but you don’t know how to start. Maybe you’re afraid you’re going to crash it and waste your hard-earned cash.  So here, we made a list of best drones tailored for newbies like you.

hubsan-x4-drone1. Hubsan X4

The Hubsan X4 will not be intimidating for beginners because of its light and robust frame. It’s durable enough to survive falls, and its features are user-friendly. This quality drone offers a live HD video which streams directly to the remote control and lets you enjoy the benefits of flying with the first-person video without having to break the bank.

syma-x5sw-drone2. Syma X5SW

If you would like to try an advanced toy-grade drone, the Syma X5SW is perfect for you. The best thing about this quadcopter is its first-person video over Wi-Fi capability using an iOS or Android app. The drone has an HD camera and the latest 6-axis flight stabilization systems. It can also perform 360-degree flips and continuous rolls. Spare replacement parts are also available in the drone kit. Overall, it is durable, stable and one of the most powerful drones that every beginner can try.

syma-x5c-drone3. Syma X5C

If budget is your top concern as a beginner, it’s best that you pick the Syma X5C. It’s very affordable, given the high-tech features you are going to get. It includes an HD camera, spare blade guards and propellers. This cheap drone is built with full 6-axis gyro stabilization and can flip to 360-degrees in just one press. You can also enjoy flying it outdoors with a mild breeze. It also comes with spare batteries to extend your seven-minute fun flying this drone.

udi-818a-drone4. UDI 818A

The UDI 818A is made for drone pilot-wannabes who seriously want to practice their flying skills.  It boasts altitude-hold and built-in first-person-view screen, which is an advantage if you are looking forward to buying a more advanced model in the future. It’s also perfect if you are interested in exploring aerial photography techniques with its built-in HD camera that can capture 2 MP photos and shoot 720p videos. But wait, there’s more! It also comes with bonus items such as an extra battery, spare blades, remote control with LCD display, a USB card reader and a Micro SD card.  It’s definitely one of the top-rated drones for starters with an affordable price.

For beginners, we highly recommend choosing cheaper drones. It wouldn’t hurt to find some great drone deals to get the bang for your buck.