Learn About Common Misconceptions About Drones

A lot of people have misconceptions about drones and remotely piloted vehicles

Drones are an all-time fun activity. They provide recreation time for people of all ages. There are different types of drones for beginners and professionals. Since the 21st century, drones have become popular day by day. However, the rise in the publicity of drones has also created a number of misconceptions and … Read more

Tips for Increasing Your Drone Flight Time

Drones may not last for long but few tips can help you out

Drones are pretty amazing. They allow us to have our recreation time and even help in creating some of the coolest videos as well. However, one problem that all drone users have faced unanimously is that the drones have a low battery timing. Many users are unable to enjoy a long flight … Read more

Best 10 tips for Drone Photography

A drone carrying a camera for aerial photography

Drone photography has become extremely popular over the past couple of years. These machines are not only used for special occasions but also in movies. Hollywood has been making good use of drone photography, allowing producers to catch some of the most splendid scenes and shots. However, one needs to have a … Read more

Guide to Drone Maintenance

Maintaining a drone may seem like a tough job but it's not.

Drone lovers tend to have this major concern with their drones that they become underperforming over some time. Although this is quite natural as machines do go under wear and tear, there are plenty of ways in which you can lower the rate of this wear and tear. All you need to … Read more

How to Make Your Drone Quieter?

flying camera drone

There is no way that you can sugar coat your drone that it is loud. The constant buzzing of the drone is enough to give someone a headache. You can fly the drone up in the air so that your ears get some relief from the constant buzzing. Have you ever thought … Read more

Tips on Earning More from Your Drone Videos

A flying white drone

Development in drone technology has brought a wide range of great drones to the market. Most people are using drones for fun because they find it fun to take aerial photographs and videos for their photography pages. However, most people are using drones for recreational purposes. Also, some people are making money … Read more

Avoid These Drone Build Kits

Some drones are just amazing.

Purchasing a drone could be one of the most difficult tasks to do because of the complications that are involved. There is a vast variety of models, build types, options, features, and components which have to be considered before buying a particular one. It makes you feel like you have entered a … Read more

Latest FAA Rules for Tracking Drones

drone flying at the correct altitude

At the present time, you would often see a drone flying around an area every once in a while, and this sight is starting to become frequent as drones are becoming abundant almost everywhere in the United States. Because of the rising numbers of drones being flown at every minute or hour, … Read more

Tips on What to NOT Do with Your Drone Right Out of the Box

Got a new drone? If you love flying toys, you’re probably more than thrilled. But since a drone is not as safe and as easy to operate as most toys, there are some things you should AVOID doing after unboxing your drone. Flying it right away If someone gave you a drone … Read more

Top Ways To Protect Your Drone From Damage

Wouldn’t it be really unfortunate if something were to happen to your drone so as to render it useless? That would be pitiful indeed, especially after having eked out your wallet for the drone that you paid an arm and leg for, only to lose it due to negligence. Heck, even if … Read more