Latest FAA Rules for Tracking Drones

drone flying at the correct altitude

At the present time, you would often see a drone flying around an area every once in a while, and this sight is starting to become frequent as drones are becoming abundant almost everywhere in the United States. Because of the rising numbers of drones being flown at every minute or hour, … Read more

Top Ways To Protect Your Drone From Damage

Wouldn’t it be really unfortunate if something were to happen to your drone so as to render it useless? That would be pitiful indeed, especially after having eked out your wallet for the drone that you paid an arm and leg for, only to lose it due to negligence. Heck, even if … Read more

Should You Get Drone Insurance?

No matter how much of an expert you think you are at flying your drone, you should still consider playing it safe. If your excellent ability to control your drone happens to take leave and you wound up surprising someone’s dog by crashing a drone on top of it, what happens then? … Read more

Top 5 Tips To Follow With Your New Drone

Did you just happen to pick up your very first drone? Surely, to a beginner, it might be slightly overwhelming to jump straight into the fray. Here are some compilations of what I think can better alleviate some of that nervous giddiness and, I hope, can be a small stepping stone towards your discovery into flying your very own bird.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Drone

Drones are seeing a surge in popularity, and that is not without due cause. Ever since Amazon announced their ambitious idea to bring drones into their delivery lines, people are quick to see how drones can come into the sphere of domestic, scientific and economic usage. And entrepreneurs have taken note, for there are a lovely variety of drones popping up that seem to fill every niche.

Whether be it the casual drone enthusiast looking for a thrilling drone race with their friends, or the professional director looking for ways to capture that stunning aerial shot, there is a flying bird fit for all. This is the perfect time for one to take the plunge in becoming his very own drone pilot.

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