Can You Make a Drone Quieter?

drone propeller

Drones are so popular today that millions of people already have them in their homes. These drones are primarily utilized as a hobby, and many RC (remote-controlled) car enthusiasts would eventually move on to playing with a more advanced drone that can be customized easier.  However, there are also some people that … Read more

Common Drone Problems and How to Tackle Them

A DJI Phantom quadcopter UAV

Drones are becoming a major part of society. A few years back, flying drones was just considered a hobby. Today, drones are being used in several different industries to cut costs and save time. This means that drones are only destined to become more efficient and effective. However, there are some problems … Read more

The Impact of Drones on Birds

A drone flying in the sky

Drones are now a household name; children ask for them as gifts on special occasions, hobbits fly them on the weekends, and professionals are utilizing them for better business. With drones being so prevalent in our personal lives now, we also have to think about how these objects affect the environment. More … Read more

Top Reasons For Drone Accidents

Drones are some of the most coveted electronic devices aside from phones and computers and drone crashes are happening more often. Drones have evolved from military purposes to commercial and private use such as real estate and photography. However, there is still a significant risk as they are susceptible to crashing. If … Read more

Tips for Drone Flying in Cold Regions during Snowfall

a landscape of a snowy lake.

Drone flying is a task that requires the user to be well aware of their surroundings. Weather can affect your drone flying experience both negatively and positively. One needs to be able to take proper precautions to protect the equipment from the weather.  Drones are very expensive. So, no matter whether you … Read more

Which Countries Don’t Allow Drones And Why

The usage of drones has grown across the globe. Professionals and hobbyists are using drones to create amazing videos. Some people are using drones to market their business. On the other hand, professional drone users are entering new possible businesses to make more money. Even though drones have gained popularity but few … Read more

Learn About Common Misconceptions About Drones

A lot of people have misconceptions about drones and remotely piloted vehicles

Drones are an all-time fun activity. They provide recreation time for people of all ages. There are different types of drones for beginners and professionals. Since the 21st century, drones have become popular day by day. However, the rise in the publicity of drones has also created a number of misconceptions and … Read more

Tips for Increasing Your Drone Flight Time

Drones may not last for long but few tips can help you out

Drones are pretty amazing. They allow us to have our recreation time and even help in creating some of the coolest videos as well. However, one problem that all drone users have faced unanimously is that the drones have a low battery timing. Many users are unable to enjoy a long flight … Read more

Best 10 tips for Drone Photography

A drone carrying a camera for aerial photography

Drone photography has become extremely popular over the past couple of years. These machines are not only used for special occasions but also in movies. Hollywood has been making good use of drone photography, allowing producers to catch some of the most splendid scenes and shots. However, one needs to have a … Read more

Guide to Drone Maintenance

Maintaining a drone may seem like a tough job but it's not.

Drone lovers tend to have this major concern with their drones that they become underperforming over some time. Although this is quite natural as machines do go under wear and tear, there are plenty of ways in which you can lower the rate of this wear and tear. All you need to … Read more