5 of the Best Drone Accessories on the Market

5 of the Best Drone Accessories on the Market

Drones have become widely available for amateur and professional users over the past few years. Apart from being mainstream and affordable, thanks to companies like DJI, drones have become integral components of travel videos, events coverage, and journalism. Along with the increased popularity of drones comes the rise in the number of accessories you … Read more

Adding a Drone Camera Kit to a Pre-Made Drone

drone camera installed

The camera is considered an essential part of a drone, as it allows the pilot of the gadget to have a better view of where the drone is going and what it is seeing. Most people would even say that a drone would be useless without a camera, as that specific part … Read more

Making a Replacement Part List for Drones

a ready-to-fly drone set

Drones are relatively simple gadgets that are usually easy to build or assemble. Its simplicity is one of the reasons why DIY drone kits are incredibly popular today, as many hobbyists are fascinated by the mechanisms that make drones fly and want to see if they can make those mechanisms and parts … Read more

DIY Drone Kits Kids Can Build

flying mini drone

If you like RC or remote-controlled cars, then you will definitely love flying a drone or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Not only are drones fun to control, but they are also quite useful for many people, especially for photographers looking for the best shot, as the drones allow them to take … Read more

How Is a Quadcopter Drone Different Than Other Drones?


Drones are becoming more popular in today’s era, especially for videographers and hobbyists. Videographers would usually want to have drones ready in their arsenal of gadgets so that they can have aerial views of wonderful landscapes, which are often needed to make short films or prenuptial shoots. For hobbyists, they simply want … Read more

Locating Buildable Drone Kits Locally

quadcopter drone

The drone, also known as the unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, is considered by many hobbyists and photographers as one of the best gadgets that are very popular in today’s era. Not only is a drone fun to control or maneuver, but it is also a very helpful gadget to have for … Read more

Top Reasons for Kids to Fly Educational Drones

A DJI Phantom quadcopter drone in flight

Drones are an exciting human invention. Today, you have a huge variety that can fly for files with just a remote control. They are equipped with cameras, GPS and can take off and even land on their own. As a result, they are used for special events, international competitions, and anything else, … Read more

Learn About the Challenges of Using Enterprise Drones

A drone mid-flight

There is no doubt that drones are continuously evolving to match the needs and preferences of growing businesses that are trying to incorporate them into their services. Today, considering the cost-saving and time efficiency, companies like Amazon have already started using drones to deliver packages.  Enterprises using drones may save them a … Read more

Guide for Purchasing Drone Cleaning Kit

If you have recently picked up drone flying as a hobby, you need to be aware of the fact that drones require maintenance to keep them running without problems. With several sensitive areas, you need to be sure that you do not end up damaging any important component. Even though flying machines … Read more

Does the Drone Weight Affect Its Battery Life?

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision drone.

Introduction Drones are just another way to pass your fun time. Many people enjoy drone flying as a major hobby and even take it to the top competitions. Engaging in such competitions requires an extraordinary focus on the specifications of the drone. Without properly evaluating the technical aspects, one may end up … Read more

Can Drones Be Legally Flown Over Constructions Sites?

a camera drone flying

Drones are great for use at construction sites as you can control them with a remote and get a clear view of the inaccessible areas. They help a lot in doing things like site review for construction, aerial surveys, mapping, measuring excavation depths, and keeping an eye on material stocks. They provide … Read more

What is a Drone Kit and Who Should Buy One?

drone kit

Introduction Drones aka UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems) have come a long way from being exclusive to military and other organizations. Now they are available in all shapes and sizes and have become immensely popular around the world. The main reason behind such popularity can be attributed to affordability and easier access to … Read more

What You Should Know Before Buying A Drone

What You Should Know Before Buying A Drone

There are several things you should pay attention to before buying a drone. Indeed, although drones seem harmless, their speed, the fact that they can carry a payload, as well as the hazard they might cause to civil or military aircraft flying at low altitudes, leads authorities to define rules and regulations, … Read more

How To Choose A Great Drone For You

How To Choose A Great Drone For You

Have you ever felt a bit lost when trying to buy a drone?The drone ecosystem is huge, and at the same time, it’s only in its’s teenage years. The number of brands, models, options, sizes, and additional features and customizability is just staggering. This high complexity of the drone market is precisely … Read more

How To Fly A Drone Like A Boss

How To Fly A Drone Like A Boss

Congrats! You just bought your dream drone. It’s still there, in its packaging, and you are impatient to open it, put the high capacity Lithium Ion batteries in their enclosures, and call all your friends so that they can witness your first flight. Stop right now, and take 90 seconds to read the … Read more

Top 5 Places To Fly A Drone

So you buy a new drone and it arrives at your doorstep. You are excited and want to take it out on a flight immediately. But hold on, the thoughts and doubts surrounding where you should fly, and shouldn’t, puts a stop to that motion right away. Indeed, not only are there legalities to be aware of, but you also need a good idea about the ethical uncertainties clearly. You surely don’t want to invade other peoples privacy and ruin their evening while they are having a backyard barbecue or picnic, and neither do you want law enforcement agents clamoring for you at your doorstep. Here are some great places where you can fly your drone stress-free.

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Here’s Some Safety Tips For When You’re Flying Your Drone

Here's Some Safety Tips For When You’re Flying Your Drone

  When it comes to flying a drone, it is of the uppermost important to pay attention to a series of safety tips. Indeed, although many drones are lightweight and their toy look makes them seem harmless, the possibility for them to be potentially dangerous is real. After listing a few types … Read more

Here’s How You Can Make Money By Flying Drones!

Here's How You Can Make Money By Flying Drones

How can you make money by flying drones? Now that you have acquired your drone, you would like to make a tremendous amount of money, by leveraging the abilities of your drone. How much could you make per month? $10? $100? $1000? Or even $10,000? It is essential that you first make … Read more