The Best Drones for Backpacking and Hiking

The Best Drones for Backpacking and Hiking

Introduction Smartphones might be portable and good enough for capturing scenic views during backpacking trips, but they cannot capture the true essence of landscapes because of their limited field of view. Drones aka quadcopters have proven to be a great hiking tool and allow backpackers to take stunning aerial photos and film … Read more

Specialty Drones: Best Drones for Real Estate and Construction

Aerial view of a mansion

Introduction Real estate businesses and construction companies are turning to drones to improve surveying, streamline inspections and boost marketing campaigns. The intense competition in the real estate sector means businesses have to come up with new ways to generate leads and attract potential customers. That’s where drones can play an important role … Read more

Guide to Getting Started with Drone Racing

So you want to be part of drone racing and wondering how to start? Here’s a guide to help you get started with an exciting hobby that can be extremely daunting, yet also a rewarding learning experience. Get a cheap toy drone to learn on. Before you can go around racing with … Read more

Top 5 Photography Drones Cheaper than $500

Drones are the most “in,” cool toys of our generation today. Be it for hiking through treacherous obstacles or for a wedding set on a scenic backdrop, drones can capture your most magical moments. It is easy for one to get lost in the midst of all the exciting features currently available … Read more

Introduction to Robotic Drones

Robotic Drones

A drone is a flying robot. In the technological context, a drone is an unmanned aircraft. The US military and that of other countries have been using huge, expensive, missile-equipped models for a remote strike for some years. Though the explosion of drones in popularity is fairly recent, they have been around … Read more

Learn About the Exciting Emerging Profession of Being a Drone Pilot

Learn About the Exciting Emerging Profession of Being a Drone Pilot

This remote-controlled pilotless aircraft or Unnamed Aircraft System (UAS), more commonly known as a “drone”, has been widely used professionally especially in film cinematography. Did you know that there are already training programs being offered to become a drone pilot? Yes, you’ve read that right. You can now make flying a drone … Read more