Guide to Buying Customized Drone Wraps

DJI Mavic Pro drone on a wooden floor.

The drone industry is worth billions of dollars today and for all the right reasons. While some use it for photography and capturing splendid videos, others use them to compete in international competitions. With the ever-increasing popularity of drones, customers want something that is unique and stands out.  As a result, customized … Read more

What are DJI Goggles?

A picture of a person wearing DJI goggles

DJI Goggles are designed for FPV flying with DJI drones. They feature two ultra-high quality screens, long-range, low-lag wireless connectivity, and direct photo and video capture control. They also have an intelligent flight mode, including ActiveTrack, Tapfly, Terrain Follow, Cinematic Mode, and Tripod Mode, which creates a completely new flying dimension. Furthermore, … Read more

What Are Heavy Lift Drones

Zipline Drone being tested in California

In the beginning, the drones were fragile machines but now with the new technology and advancements in material, they are capable of lifting heavier objects. Heavy lift drones, also known as delivery drones, are unmanned aerial vehicles used to transport cargo, packages, food, medical supplies, and much more. Heavy lift drones are … Read more

What Are Drone Lightshows And How Do They Work

Drone light show at Ars Electronica Futurelab, 2015

A drone display is the use of multiple drones or unmanned aerial vehicles. Often quadcopters are used for light shows. They fly in a coordinated fashion for public display. The drones are usually equipped with LEDs. Drone light shows are done at night because they make a visible figure, art, or words. … Read more

What is a Blimp Drone?

What is a Blimp Drone? Blimp drones are a new innovative take on an age-old technology that was used in historic airships. These drones are larger in size than their traditional counterparts but can provide longer airtime with higher maneuverability and more energy-efficiency. They are also known to be a much quieter … Read more

What Are Drone Swarms?

A group of drones is called a drone swarm

Ever since the technological revolution of the 21st century, there has been a significant change in many things around us. Even the basic items are now being used in various advanced and tough conditions and prove highly valuable. One such example could be taken of the various types of drone swarms and … Read more

Are There Any Drone Building Kits Younger Children Can Put Together?

A Drone building kit

You must have heard about the term STEM – which stands for four fields of learning that have become an essential predecessor in future employment of the kids; namely, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. According to the statistics, the projected bloom in the said four fields had taken the employment rate from … Read more

Specialty Drones: Best Agricultural Ag Drones

agricultural drones

Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have been around since quite some time (the early 80s). However, their practical applications rapidly expanded in the last five years, thanks to advancements in the sensor and camera technologies and falling prices. Agriculture is one of the most promising areas where drones can be very … Read more

The Best Drones for Backpacking and Hiking

The Best Drones for Backpacking and Hiking

Introduction Smartphones might be portable and good enough for capturing scenic views during backpacking trips, but they cannot capture the true essence of landscapes because of their limited field of view. Drones aka quadcopters have proven to be a great hiking tool and allow backpackers to take stunning aerial photos and film … Read more

Specialty Drones: Best Drones for Real Estate and Construction

Aerial view of a mansion

Introduction Real estate businesses and construction companies are turning to drones to improve surveying, streamline inspections and boost marketing campaigns. The intense competition in the real estate sector means businesses have to come up with new ways to generate leads and attract potential customers. That’s where drones can play an important role … Read more