Everyday Work Tricks For Mac Users Running Short Of Time

Time is a precious commodity for working professionals these days. Tasks are more challenging, and deadlines are tighter amid the work-from-home stress. It only makes you run short of time, no matter how much you stretch your productivity. Fortunately, you can do more in less time if you use Mac for work because the device offers many opportunities to speed up tasks. Moreover, you can try some simple tricks to do everyday tasks faster. Let us share a few such tricks and hacks with you.

Know the shortcuts

Mac offers a range of keyboard shortcuts that enhance your productivity and save up on time. You can check the list of macOS shortcuts and learn them to avail of the advantage. It may take some time and effort to memorize them, but the initiative is worthwhile. The best thing is that you can even create custom shortcuts according to your requirements and preferences.

Save time while starting up

When a system takes a long time to start, it gets frustrating for the user and eats up several precious minutes of your time. It happens because of several login items and programs that run during the startup process. You can resolve the problem by simply removing the ones you do not need. Once you do it, you will notice a considerable difference in the startup speed of the device.

Use tools to simplify tasks

Regular day-to-day tasks such as snipping screenshots and merging PDFs sound simple, but they end up taking a significant part of your work time. You will eventually find your productivity ebbing when you have to do such trivial tasks every day. Luckily, several tools enable Mac users to simplify these tasks. You can click this to find the easiest ways to merge PDFs. Use the free tool soda pdf if you aren’t sure about purchasing a program.  Have a list of tools at hand, and you can do more within a day.

Stack up your desktop

Saving your files on the desktop is easy, but you will soon find that the habit creates clutter and slows you and your device. You can easily reduce the clutter by organizing the desktop. Mac has a built-in desktop organization tool that enables you to put files into stacks based on their date and type. You can even tag them for easy access later. After stacking up the files you need, clear the redundant ones. Just a little effort on spring cleaning the device can help you save loads of time later.

Utilize multiple spaces

Another smart way to declutter your digital workspace is by using multiple spaces for different tasks. You will be able to handle many tasks simultaneously and do things faster than you expect. With Mac, you have the option of multiple desktops that let you separate apps and open windows. Toggle between these spaces, and you can cover more within your workday.

Mac is a premium device that brings opportunities for users who want to go the extra mile with productivity. Just pick these tricks, and you can save your precious time every day at work.