Hockey Movies

It turns out that quite a few films have been made about hockey, watching them is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the history of hockey or just plunge into the atmosphere of the game.

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Goon (2011)

The film, more or less based on real events, is based on the life of the American hockey player, tough guy Doug Smith.

The main character Doug (Seann William Scott) is a former goon in a bar, a sweet, kind, but stupid guy, quite by chance he got into hockey and this is a film about what happened next.

Hockey is shown well, but not enough, but there are many scenes of realistic fights on the ice, which is logical. The film is very kind and even carries a certain meaning. Yes, imagine, a movie where a bunch of tough men knead each other’s faces can be kind!

Miracle (2004)

How to rally 26 puberty guys? This difficult task went to the coach of the US national hockey team Herb Brooks.

The film is about how the coach was able to assemble and rally a team. As 20-year-old guys, they were able to defend the honor of their country, in 7 months they rose from the level of the student team to the Olympic one. And this is the merit of one person – the coach.

The Rocket (2005)

A film about a Canadian hockey player, a player of the Montreal Canadiens club – Maurice Richard.

Quick reference: Richard is the first hockey player to score 50 goals in one season, and in the first fifty games. At 39, he was the top scorer in NHL history with 544 goals.

The film pays more attention to the beginning of a career, the path to the cherished goal – to play in the NHL, to achieve recognition. But having achieved, it turned out that not everything is so rosy, that hockey is cruel and not always fair. After the first disappointments, he even tried to quit hockey, but he failed.

Maurice was a kind of symbol for the French Canadians, they were greatly oppressed, and Maurice became their idol. An ordinary hard worker, with the help of incredible willpower, despite all the obstacles, having achieved such heights in sports, could not help winning the hearts of people. It was for these people that he stayed in hockey.

Maurice not only stayed in hockey, but also tries to influence the injustice that reigns in this game to the best of his ability. How successful he did it is a controversial issue, someone thinks that he has achieved little, and someone is sure that he indirectly influenced the history of Canada itself.