How To Make Your Home Smarter?

A smart home uses Internet-enabled devices to manage and check electronic devices in your apartment. The home automation technology ensures that homes are comfortable, secure and energy efficient. For this to happen, you need a smart appliance and a mobile app on your mobile device to connect to your devices.

Internet connection is a necessity for the appliances to work with your smartphone. You can control these devices from any geographical location if you possess a smartphone having the necessary smart apps. You can also control the smart home systems using voice commands. A lot of smart home appliances are coming to the market each day. Some of the standard smart home appliances systems you can get are:

– Smart Thermostat.

– Smart lock.

– Robot vacuum.

– Robot mop.

– Smart controller.


A homeowner can use a smart thermostat in their home to control the internal temperatures. You can easily control the temperature by using the smart mobile app. A homeowner can also control the temperatures from the smart thermostat’s webpage. The system works using two principal parts or components. The first component or the sensors, connect to the HVAC system.

The sensors collect data and sent it to the thermostat which can read the temperatures. The third component of this system is the smart application which you can install on your device. The app allows you to monitor and control the thermostat. You can program the smart thermostat to always work at certain set temperatures at different times of the day.

When you are purchasing your smart thermostat, you should check its capabilities. Some Smart thermostat comes with better features which can improve their performance. Smart thermostats should be Wi-Fi enables for it to automate your home. It should be accessible remotely via a smart app which you can install on your device. Smart thermostats are energy efficient and can lower your electricity bills.


A smart lock is a sophisticated door lock which offers controlled access. The lock can work only when it receives cryptographic keys from authorized devices. Smart door locks can be NFC or Bluetooth controlled. They can monitor all the events which you can later retrieve to see the access records.

It also sents you alerts in case of critical events like when a wrong cryptographic key is keyed-in. They can replace your mechanical door locks. A smart lock needs two main components for it to work; the smart lock and the key. The key can be your mobile device or a fob key designed to open the lock. You can share a virtual key with a third party which they can use to open the lock.

If your smart lock is Bluetooth enabled, you need to be within a 40 feet radius for it to work. However, Wi-Fi enabled smart locks are accessible from any location if connected to your router. Latest models of smart locks come with features like voice activation. Using voice commands, you can easily unlock or lock the door using your smart app. You can geofence the smart lock such that when you leave the house, it can automatically lock itself.


Robot vacuum cleaners have a disc shape which offers automated cleaning services. For the smart vacuum cleaner to work, it should move around the room freely. It uses sensors which allows it to know which areas it should cover.

The sensors can also map out the stairs in your home and avoid it from tumbling. Roomba offers some of the best vacuum cleaners in the best in the market. The bots have a robust system which cleans your home thoroughly in short durations.

You can set daily automatic routines where the cleaner will get to work even when you aren’t around. They create maps for each room in your house for ease of movement. The Roomba cleaners can have different set dates for cleaning any room.

They can collect even pet hair that is left on your floor making them the best in the industry. Once the dirt collecting bag is full, the vacuum cleaner can empty itself before it resumes. You can install the smart app on your device which you can program the vacuum cleaner on the days it can work. Also, you can use voice commands from your phone to control its operations.


No one loves mopping due to the dirt and labor needed to complete the tasks. Robot mops are smart home devices designed to do these tasks for you. All you need to do for the intelligent mop to work is fill the tank with water and press start.

You can control the robot cleaner using your smart app or voice command. If necessary, you can program the mop to clean at specific times. The robot mop is designed to wipe out all the dust dirt and debris from your floor. The motor is powerful enough to ensure that it can perform all the cleaning duties.

The mops can reach areas which are hard for anyone to clean. It comes with side brushes which assist in catching dirt from any corner. The trash converges at the center where there is the main brush to pick it up. The rollers pick any hair that is lying on the floor. The motor then sucks in all the dirt, and the wet microfiber would mop the floor leaving it sparkling clean.


A smart controller can control all the devices in your home. The controllers have apps which you can install on your device. From the app, you can check all the appliances. You can control all these devices from your smartphone using voice commands or remote controlling.

These controllers can work with all electrical appliance connected to your home network. You can turn on the security alarm using your smartphone from any location. Other systems you can control from your smartphone include surveillance cameras, lighting system, thermostats, robot mops, and robot vacuum cleaners.

There are different companies which offer users with automated home controllers. Google Alexa is one of the smart home controllers in the market. Apple’s Siri also offers similar automation capabilities which you can use to monitor and control your home.  The best thing is with a smart controller you have more down time to relax and enjoy great options like fable casino and more.


Technology is growing fast, and different innovations are coming up. Home automation systems make it easier to secure, track and control your homes. It also buys you more time for fun with great options like  An example is a smart thermostat which can switch on/off the AC hence saving you on energy bills. We will all need to automate our homes in one way or the other. Let’s embrace the changes which aim at making our lives better.