Racing Drones – Finding the Best One for the Least Money

Drone racing can be thrilling, but it isn’t easy to go further in this field. Most people, especially elders, do not find this hobby good for their kids as it seems a little dangerous. And even if your parents agree, you must have a good racing drone, which is quite expensive. They are costly because these racing drones are updated with the latest tools and gears, which increase the quality, speed, and durability of them.

Drone racing is getting fame lately; more youngsters are now attracted to this sport, and it is getting stronger than ever. Competitions are arranged on different levels, and winners also get cash prizes. There are many reasons for attraction for young kids towards this sport, but drones’ price becomes a barrier between them.

However, you don’t need to worry. Several low-cost racing drones are available on the market that you can use as a beginner to practice. Starting from them will be helpful as you would get some experience and it won’t be that difficult when you fly a professional or a more expensive drone. Plus, it will be pocket-friendly.

Best DIY Racing Drones Kits – A Short Guide

If you can’t spend hundreds of dollars on these racing drones, there are many inexpensive racing drone kits available in the market. And wondrous of all, you can also get a DIY racing drone kit. They won’t cost you too much, and yet you can enjoy your hobby.

Racing drones come in different shapes, sizes, and different prices too. Hundreds of models are ready to use available on the market. But if you don’t want ready to use a drone, you can get a kit and make your own drone. You are free to do small modifications that you want in your DIY racing drone kit. And it is more fun when you build your drone by yourself.

These kits are affordable, and you will get components in the package to make small modifications. You can even find additional components on the internet or directly from manufacturers. In this way, your drone can fly faster and better, making your experience more interesting.

What Should A Racing Drone Kit Have?

According to the opinions of different people, getting a drone kit is much better than buying some other ordinary drone. This is because assembling is quite interesting, and you get the satisfying feeling that you have made it on your own. And you will find it more personal than any other thing.

Assembling a racing drone is not as difficult as it is thought. It is fun, and if you find any difficulty, then there is a set of instructions or a guide for you provided with the kit. And there is a high level of modifications and adjustments with the pre-assembled drones. You have the freedom to install the components of your choice, and you can adjust them for a specific purpose.

Kits are more affordable than pre-assembled drones. These drone kits are more preferred for aerial photography. You can add a better camera and make additional adjustments, such as adding better electric motors to get a calmer flight and longer range.

Where to Buy
Walkera Rodeo 110 BNF No TX 110mm Racing Drone FPV RC Quadcopter (with 600TVL Camera/Battery/Charger)
Walkera Rodeo 150 Mini FPV racing drone (BLACK) w/ 5.8G 40CH 600TVL Night Vision Camera 3D Aerobatic FPV Quartcopter
Blade Inductrix RTF Ultra Micro Drone with Safe Technology
Bolt Drone FPV Racing Drone Carbon Fiber with First Person View Goggles 5.8 Ghz Ready to Fly Package
Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone RC Nano Quadcopter Best Drone for Kids and Beginners RC Helicopter Plane with Auto Hovering, 3D Flip, Headless Mode and Extra Batteries Toys for Boys and Girls


Our Top Picks

Here is a list of a few highly recommended racing drones that won’t get out of your budget, and you can enjoy them without breaking the bank.

Walkera Rodeo 110 BNF No TX 110mm Racing Drone

Walkera is a well-known drone manufacturing company that makes some really good racing drones, and one of its best ones is Walkera Rodeo 110. No doubt it is not as good as other fastest or most agile drones around, but it is the best starter package. It will provide you a great experience, and you will feel like just flying other larger drones. You can have great fun while booting them around in the backyard.

It is equipped with a 600TVL HD wide-angle camera that allows you to capture amazing photos. However, the package does not include a remote controller system – you have to buy it separately.

Walkera Rodeo 150 Mini FPV Racing Drone

As this drone was launched after Walkera Rodeo 110, it is larger and more aesthetically refined. Walker Rodeo 150 is a decent racing trainer. It is not as resilient as other options in the market, but don’t doubt the experience it gives when you train with it for racing. The most amazing part is, it comes with a few accessories. Getting a drone with few gear things is not bad, especially at such a low price.

Blade Inductrix RTF Ultra Micro Drone with Safe Technology

This quadcopter is not just a toy; it is adaptable to many different uses and accessories. The amazing thing about this inductrix is that you can connect it to an advanced 2.4GHz controller, which means that if you have a powerful transmitter of a professional or full-fledged racing drone or even an RC airplane, you can connect it to this inductrix.

And the blade inductrix FPV has an in-built camera of 1080p. And another one is Blade Inductrix Switch, which can be converted from a drone to a fixed-winged craft and can even be converted into a hovercraft.

Bolt Drone FPV Racing Drone Carbon Fiber 

You can fly this racing drone in three different ways, such as from line of sight, FPV, and screen controller. The package contains an HD camera that you can sync with the drone’s screen and broadcast a live feed. This drone provides an amazing FPV experience using goggles that you will surely fall in love with. Its frame is made of carbon fiber, making it much more robust than those plastic frame drones out there on the market.

The kit includes googles, a screen, a carbon fiber drone, a battery, and all the required accessories.

Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone

If you are on a budget but still looking for a decent racing drone that provides an optimum flying experience, you can consider buying it. This drone provides about 21 minutes of flying time, thanks to the three batteries included in the package. You get the option of auto-hovering in this drone that allows you to hover it at the current height. Moreover, with the help of the headless mode, you can fly this drone in any direction without worrying about where its head is facing.

Last but not least, it can perform a fantastic 3D flip. At this price, all these features make the Holly Stone HS210 mini drone one of the best options on a budget.

Things to Know Before You Fly Your Drones

Following are somethings that you need to make sure of before booting with your drones:

  • Make sure that your drone is registered with FAA before you fly. Details are given that how you can get your drone registered. It is a simple process.
  • You must attach your drone’s registration number to your craft. It will help you if you are in any trouble. Knowing that your drone is registered, you can boot with it freely without any restrictions.
  • You must have your part107 Certificate if you are thinking of participating in a competition and you might need compensation.
  • If you are flying it outdoors, you have to follow all the rules of FAA’s airspace rules to avoid any trouble.
  • Hobby flights and commercial flights require different kinds of requirements. Make sure that you fulfill all of them.
  • For the FAA, all kinds of drones are aircraft. And you must register them and acquire authorization so that you can fly in controlled airspace.


If you are starting training and looking for some amazing racing drones, check out our recommendations. Before flying a racing drone and participating in a racing competition, make sure you have all the required documents at hand, so you don’t get into any trouble.