Why is the Quadcopter a Popular Design for Smaller Drones?

When you hear drones, what picture comes to your mind? Is it a quadcopter? Most people are starting to think that all drones are quadcopters since this is the most popular design nowadays. Actually, drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can be anything from a remote-controlled airplane, helicopter or quadcopter. But why … Read more

Using Drones in Small Business

Using Drones in Small Business

When the small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were first released commercially, they attracted hobbyists and those who loved flying machines. Now that these hobby-sized drones are getting more accessible and practical, both because of lower prices and ease of flight control, it is easy to start a business using this technology. Drone … Read more

Most Popular Drones with a Camera

most popular drones with a camera

The popularity of camera drones is growing at a rapid pace. Enthusiasts, visual artists, business owners — they’re flying it. The best camera drones are more than simple toys because they are being used by both amateur and professional photographers because they are able to reach areas and shoot from angles that … Read more