Top 5 Best Selling Drones

top 5 best selling drones

Due to the increasing public interest in drones, many drone manufacturers have quickly emerged. Hundreds of different types of drones are for sale on the market right now, so it can be overwhelming for a potential buyer to choose the best drones to pick. If popular choice matters to you, here’s a … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Drone

how to take care of your drone

After you have spent hundreds of dollars on top-rated drones, you are probably expecting for a long and satisfying experience using this flying gadget. But however durable and efficient your own drone may be, you still have to do your part in maintaining its tip-top shape to ensure its usefulness. Here are … Read more

Different Types of Drones

different types of drones

Drones come in various sizes and styles, depending on how and what they are used for. The first drones were designed for military purposes, but their applications have expanded into scientific, commercial, agricultural and recreational uses. Nowadays, personal drones for recreation have greatly outnumbered military drones. There is no single classification of … Read more

Most Affordable Drones You Can Buy

most affrodable drones you can buy

Every person can now own a drone, as technology advancement is getting faster and products are depreciating more easily. If you are new to this kind of gadget, you might be surprised that you can buy a powerful drone with interesting features like HD camera and real-time video transmission for less than … Read more

Best Drones for Beginners

best drones for beginners

Drones are taking us off to the future. Admit it, you somehow want to learn how to pilot a drone, but you don’t know how to start. Maybe you’re afraid you’re going to crash it and waste your hard-earned cash.  So here, we made a list of best drones tailored for newbies … Read more

Learn the Fascinating History of Drones

history of drones

If you had a playful childhood, most probably you have wished for a cool flying toy you can show off to your playmates or use to pull off pranks on your friends. If you are dreaming of being married someday, most likely you would want to have amazing aerial shots on your … Read more