Tips on Earning More from Your Drone Videos

A flying white drone

Development in drone technology has brought a wide range of great drones to the market. Most people are using drones for fun because they find it fun to take aerial photographs and videos for their photography pages. However, most people are using drones for recreational purposes. Also, some people are making money … Read more

Top Drone Racing Festivals

drones getting ready for the race

Drone racing, or also known as first-person-view (FPV) racing, is a type of sport where participants control drones that are equipped with cameras while wearing head-mounted displays to show the live stream camera feed from the drones to the pilot. Drone racing is quite similar to full-size air racing, which goal is … Read more

How to Mount Camera on Drones

a white drone beside a camera and some lenses

In the present time, drone photography and videography are very popular. Many people do it for business, while some enjoy it as their hobby. With this, many models of drones today come with built-in cameras. Drones can take beautiful photos of landscapes and sceneries, and they are perfect for those who love … Read more

10 Best Tips for Drone Photography

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Among the different kinds of photography, drone photography has become popular over the years. In addition to giving photography enthusiasts the option to take photos from a unique point of view, it also offers more versatility, most especially for professional use. With this, many photographers are now incorporating aerial photography into their … Read more

What can you do with a drone legally these days?

What can you do with a drone legally these days

Note that a level action is the one that is generally accepted no matter the condition applied. So, if it’ll be classified as legal action, you must know that you’re doing it in the right way. Viewing on authorized places is not legally accepted, you shouldn’t engage in such. So, why do … Read more

8 Things NOT to Do With Your Drone

8 Things NOT to Do With Your Drone

When treading unfamiliar waters, you should expect to make some mistakes. However, anyone could do with a few DOs and some DON’Ts. Even drone owners! Sometimes, the manual isn’t enough.  So before you try to take over the sky in excitement, you might want to sit back for a bit. Here are … Read more

How to Fly a Drone: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners In 2021

We asked our friends at Assignment Geek for some help on drones, specifically on how to fly them as most of us are bookworms and wordsmiths and haven’t had a lick of science training. Luckily, our trustworthy experts at Assignment Geek came through. The company’s professional writers did their research and provided … Read more