Fun Things to Do While Your Drone Battery Is Charging

a drone flying low on the ground

Drones are great toys because they will allow you to take pictures of views that are beyond your reach. Aside from that, you can also compete with other players using your drone. People who enjoy flying drones definitely want to use them not just for a few minutes but for hours. They … Read more

Review of the DJI Mavic 2

DJI is one of the strongest company when it comes to making drones that are easy to use and capable of producing great content, and their Mavic 2 series, composed of the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom models can prove that even more. These drones are arguably two of the … Read more

Review of the DJI Tello

DJI teamed up with Ryze tech to create a market entry drone that is highly capable but does not cost that much. The DJI Tello is their least expensive and smallest model among the drones they offer. It is designed for people who want to enter the world of drones but are … Read more

Review of the Yuneec Mantis Q

Yuneec introduced the Mantis Q drone that has an integrated 4K camera, electronic image stabilization, and voice control. This drone can be used either indoor or outdoor with its down-facing dual sensor and infrared detection, helping it navigate even inside buildings. According to Yuneec, the Mantis Q is an adventure-ready drone that … Read more