Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Virtual Office

If you have already tried using a virtual office during a video conference or business call, you may wonder about ways to optimize the appearance and features of a Zoom virtual office background. There are a few ways to get more out of this feature, including adding a high-resolution business logo for display in a virtual office environment, using templates to create shared Spaces for Immersive View and taking a closer look at all of the virtual office color schemes and designs that are available to find the perfect fit for any brand or business.

Custom Branded Backgrounds

The easiest way to elevate your professional appearance in video conferences and calls involves the use of custom branded backgrounds. You can choose from a wide variety of office color schemes and layouts to design a background that complements your choice of clothing and the style of a business logo.

You can appear in a professional setting anywhere at any time when you use a custom Google Meet background or a virtual office background for Zoom or Microsoft Teams. All you need to do is point your camera toward a blank wall or a solid-colored surface in your home or wherever you are working. The virtual office background tool does everything else you need to appear in a clean, well-lit office environment with the option to prominently display a business logo.

Tools You Can Use

A service that specializes in virtual office images offers a large selection of high-resolution office backgrounds to choose from. Choose from offices that have a variety of decor styles and furniture setups as well as unique prominent colors. Some Google Meet background image office designs also feature window views of global cities such as London and Paris.

If you participate in or host large Zoom meetings, you should consider customizing a scene for Zoom Immersive View. This feature of Zoom version 5.6.3 and later makes it possible to automatically or manually gather meeting participants in a shared virtual space that resembles a meeting room, classroom, dining room, lounge, cinema or open office space.

Make sure your personal office space looks great as well by removing old wallpaper and clutter for a fresh bright new space.

Virtual Office Options

A few of the benefits of using the best virtual office tools include the ability to easily customize office backgrounds with or without logos for video calls and small meetings and design scenes for larger Immersive View meetings. Another useful feature offers users the ability to display slides in virtual backgrounds.

While you can create a trial virtual office background for free, you can gain access to more office backgrounds without watermarks and with support for logos in premium packages that include a single user license or multiple licenses.

Any time you invest in elevating your virtual office can pay off in the next business call or presentation where you use this backdrop. For the best results, it is important to set up a virtual office background taking into account the platform on which you plan to use the background and the culture and values of the brand you are representing.