Top 3 Accessories To Get With Your Drone

For the drone enthusiast, a drone by itself is not very exciting. Not only additional accessories can increase convenience, but they also can improve your overall experience.

1. Battery Charging Dock/Extra Batteries.

Drones guzzle up battery like there is no tomorrow. In fact, vertical propellers with no wings could maybe be one of the most inefficient forms of flight. A very useful accessory that comes in handy with your drones is extra batteries and a charging dock. Always look to buy batteries from the maker of your drones or an official re-seller from sites such as Amazon, as replicas are often the lower quality that can damage your drones. Many users report that an optimal amount of battery to carry around in your adventure is ideally between 3-5 pieces. But what uses are batteries if they are such a hassle to charge up? A very useful option is to buy a battery charging dock to conveniently charge all of your batteries at one place simultaneously.

A few good recommendations from Amazon are:

A. Spinido-9449 Battery Dock ($32.99)

Battery Charging Dock/Extra BatteriesProduct Description from Amazon:

  • Intelligent charging management can charge up to three batteries automatically, which is more efficient
  • Each Battery status is shown by LED indicators

B. Powerextra 15.2V 4480mAh LiPo Intelligent Battery Replacement Battery (67.99)

Product Description from Amazon:

  • MultiProtect safety system, over-charging protection, over- discharging protection and short circuit protection.

2. Drone Backpacks.

Looking for ways to transport your fragile and precious drone? What better way other than a specialized backpack made for the purpose? Drones require special care as they are not easily transportable and therefore your average book bag will not make the cut. But luckily for you, there is a myriad of options to choose from, whether be it for your mini-drone or the opposite, your wide spanning quad-copter. Moreover, these bags can be multi-purpose. Not only do they carry your drone but they also leave you ample room to pack your accessories such as cameras and trekking gear so you can make your travel all the more enjoyable. As with the previous recommendation, always look for a higher quality product as these provide more mobility and protection to your gears.

Some good recommendations from Amazon are as follows:

A. Manfrotto MB BP-D1 DJI Professional Video Equipment Cases Drone Backpack (Black) ($139.00)

Product Description as per Amazon:

  • Plenty of space for all your gears
  • Different carrying option
  • Designed to fit many different configurations

B.Lowepro DroneGuard BP 200 ($109.95)

Product Description from Amazon:

  • Customizable Interior. Flexible dividers and outside pockets securely house a DJI Mavic Pro, transmitter, up to 5 extra batteries, a 2-liter hydration reservoir, snacks, charging cords, and smartphone
  • Comfortable Carry. Moisture-wicking back panel keeps you cool and comfortable. Adjustable chest and waist straps keep the pack in place while on the move 

 3. FPV Goggles.

FPV stands for First Person View. Their name should be self-explanatory, and if it is not, they are goggles giving you complete 3D view from your drone. Flying drones is all about the experience, and nothing is a better way to experience them than through a fully immersive medium such as FPV Goggles. Not only do they capture the calm scenic view your drone is taking, but they also provide a very thrilling excitement for the drone racers. However, it is important to pick out a good set of goggles. Cheaper ones will have a low quality of vision, a low field of view, low resolution and signal stuttering. The only recommendation suggested is:

 A. DJI Goggles 1080p HD Immersive FPV Drone Accessory, Support Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Series and Inspire Series ($399.00)

Some highlights of the above product according to Amazon is as follows:

  • Dual 1920 x 1080 HD Screens; 1080p/30 fps Viewing
  • 720p/60 fps Viewing; Head Tracking Control
  • Intelligent Flight Mode Support; Integrated Touchpad
  • HDMI Input & 3.5mm Audio Jack; Micro-USB and microSD Card Support
  • Ergonomic, Lightweight Design; Up to 6 Hours Battery Life

The DJI Goggles now undoubtedly remain as the sole contender for a reliable FPV Goggle as there are not many other brands with the same level of quality.