Top 5 Best Selling Drones

Due to the increasing public interest in drones, many drone manufacturers have quickly emerged. Hundreds of different types of drones are for sale on the market right now, so it can be overwhelming for a potential buyer to choose the best drones to pick. If popular choice matters to you, here’s a list of the top 5 bestselling drones in the market:

syma-x5c-drone1. Syma X5C

Syma X5C is one of the most popular drones ever. If you would ask people about drones they know about, they’ll most likely mention a DJI Phantom model or Syma X5C.  Because it has impressive features despite its budget-friendly price, so many drone buyers pick this machine to start their piloting journey. It has easily become a hit with almost 4,000 reviews by Amazon’s customers.

hubsan-x4-dorne2. Hubsan X4

There are different versions of Hubsan X4 and they come in attractive packages. They are small, easy to use, stylish and durable, plus they come with built-in video recording capabilities. You may not probably expect to find a decent camera with toy-grade drones, but there’s H107C – a $50 drone (at most) with a 2MP HD camera. Also, its light weight will allow you to fly it unregistered without having to worry about being fined.

cheerson-cx-10-mini-drone3. Cheerson CX-10 Mini

This pocket-sized little guy is a best-seller for a reason. It is very reliable, convenient to use and extremely inexpensive. Despite being smaller than its own hand-held controller, this drone can perform advanced tricks because it is packed with a six-axis flight control board. This quadcopter is fun to fly not only for beginners but also for experienced drone pilots as well.

udi-818a-drone4. UDI 818A

UDI 818A flies fairly well considering its cheap price. Stability is its best feature with its six-axis gyro that allows you to use it outdoors even in windier conditions.  Its headless mode makes it attractive to first-time flyers, enabling them to pilot with ease. Even with an affordable price, this drone comes with an HD camera system. You also don’t need to register this drone, which makes it one of the top picks.

latrax-alias-drone5. LaTrax Alias

This ready-to-fly quadcopter offers a full control mode, which is perfect if you want to learn how to fly manually. It is durable and well-built, so you don’t have to worry about crashing a lot. This drone is also big enough to handle a camera but light enough to be exempted from FAA registration.
Before you make your own purchase, keep on getting information from drone reviews. Research. Ask questions. Read. Once you have decided what to buy, make sure you check out the latest drone deals in the market to get the most out of your every penny.