What are the Benefits of a Traffic Generator?

The internet is quite a vast space that is filled with millions of websites, and there are about a thousand websites that are added to that space every year. Because of how big the internet is, many new websites would often struggle to get viewers, readers, and potential buyers, as they would have to compete with a lot of different sites, and most of those are already established and have thousands of views every day.

So, in order for new websites to gain an advantage, they would often have to get the services of a traffic generator. The traffic generator, which can be free or premium, is a kind of internet service wherein you will be able to get viewers on your website every day, which would then allow the site to have more appearances in search engines, as some of these search engines rely on page views to see which websites are popular. To know more about the website free traffic generator and traffic generation in general, here are its benefits that you should look at if you want to use it for your website.

Get Instant Page Views for Your Website

If your website is struggling with page views, you should check out a traffic generator, which will give you more than 6000 page views per month. These page views are essential if you want your website to stay afloat on search engines and on the internet in general. These 6000 page views are mostly created by unique visitors in the form of bots, and some traffic generators would use up to three hits or page views for each unique visitor.

Increase Website Traffic

Website traffic is essential to make your website more popular, so through a traffic generator, you will be able to increase website traffic faster and easier so that your website would potentially climb in popularity through SEO (search engine optimization).

If your website is relatively busy through the use of a traffic generator, search engines will interpret the movements in your website as a sign of popularity, so some would most likely put you on top of the rankings whenever people search for keywords related to your website. Use a traffic generator so that you can increase traffic on your website and get a spotlight in search engines.

Check for Problems on Your Website

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Through a traffic generator, you will be able to see problems on your website from a viewer’s point of view. There are some traffic generator services on the internet that will provide you with analytic reports that will tell you about pages that fail to load or have a long loading time, as well as pages that have incorrect links. These reports are essential if you want your website to improve, as errors can often lead to real viewers leaving your website fast, which would affect your exit rate or how often your visitors leave your website after a few seconds or minutes.

Control the Website’s Bounce Rate and Return Rate

Traffic generators give you the ability to control your website’s bounce rate and return rate, which are two aspects of the website that will determine if it is popular among viewers on the internet, whether they are real or are bots. The bounce rate is a statistic that shows how many viewers leave the webpage without doing an action like clicking on a link, signing up for an account, or pressing a button on the website. The difference between the exit rate from the bounce rate is that the former counts the views from viewers that actually click on a link or are redirected to another page first before leaving, while the latter is the views from people that leave immediately.

The return rate is the statistic that determines how many unique viewers would return to your website after visiting it previously days or hours ago. Both the bounce rate and return rate would indicate how well your website runs and looks, as people that would immediately exit your website would often see numerous problems already, while viewers that would return to your website would find it fun and easy to browse through.

With traffic generators, you will be able to set how many visitors would exit the website immediately and how many of them would return. This control would be needed if you wanted to lower the bounce rate and increase the return rate, which would be beneficial for the SEO of your website.

Choose Where You Get Website Traffic

website traffic for mobile phones and computers

There are currently three categories of traffic that you can choose from in the most trusted traffic generators, and these categories are mobile, desktop, and mixed. If you choose mobile traffic, website analytics will show that the viewers generated by the traffic generating service are using mobile gadgets like iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets. If you choose desktop traffic, most of the viewers would be from computers like desktop PCs or laptops.

But, if you pick the mixed traffic, you will get generated viewers from both mobile and desktop sources. The ability to choose what type of traffic you want to get for your website is essential if you want to be more popular for mobile, desktop, or for both. Of course, it is important that you optimize your website for the two categories, so you would need to set up both a mobile version and a desktop version of your website if you want to get real traffic or viewers in the future.

By reading this article, you are now able to see the true benefits of using a traffic generator for your website. If your website is relatively new on the internet, the traffic generator will help the site get a much-needed boost in order for it to appear on search engines, which would then enable the site to get more organic viewers. Try out a free traffic generator first to see if it does give your website an advantage over most new and unknown websites on the internet.