What to Do Before Sending Your iPhone For Repairs

Smartphones have actively replaced computers and desktops over the years, becoming the go-to device for all our professional and personal needs. From allowing us to stay connected with our family and friends to storing all our important documents, files, pictures and more, it seems as if cell phones have become the center of our entire universe.

For this reason, we never want any damage to come to our phones but we can’t always prevent that from happening – can we? Owing to accidents, even high-end iPhones can end up with a broken screen or a dysfunctional camera and if that happens, it’s a good idea to send your iPhone for repairs instead of buying a new one altogether. But since your phones are essentially a hub of all your activities, you can’t blindly send them to the repair shop without doing your homework.

So what steps should you take before you send your iPhone for repairing and have it back in working conditions? If you want the answer to this question, you’re in the right place. Here are some important considerations and tips you should keep in mind before trusting any repairing service with your beloved phone.

Know Your Options

When it comes to phone repairs, you can either opt for a repair service authorized by your phone’s brand or a third-party repairing store. Both of these choices have their own set of pros and cons and whatever you opt for eventually boils down to your personal preferences and, of course, your budget. While having your repairs done through Apple’s official repairing service is extremely expensive, it is guaranteed that all replacement parts will be authentic and all your problems will be rightfully addressed. On the other hand, you can have the same job done at pretty cheap prices from a third-party repairing service but you can’t be sure about the quality of replacement parts used.

Learn About The Repairing Service

Because our phones hold most of our personal and private data, we can’t trust everyone when it comes to handling them especially if you’re going for a third-party repairing service.  It’s crucial that the repairing service you hand over your phone for repairing has experienced technicians who have the right skills and knowledge to fix the problems you’re facing. After all, unexperienced personnel can do more damage to your device instead of fixing it. Hence, you should do some research to ensure that the repairing service you’re opting for has ample experience in dealing with the issues you’re facing.

Backup Your Data

We recommend that you always back up the data on your iPhones before any major upgrade, let alone before taking it for repairs. This is essential since anything can go wrong with your device at any time, putting the stored data at a risk. So to save yourself from losing your precious data, back-up the data in your device before you hand it over to the repairing service.

Arrange a Backup Phone

Some repairing tasks are time-taking which means that you can’t have your phone back instantly. For example, some replacement parts may need to be outsourced which can take time to get delivered. But since our lives seem to revolve around our cellphones nowadays, this can have a major impact on our activities and even halt our activities.  For this reason, you should keep a spare phone in the backup so that you can use it instead while your iPhone is gone for repair.

Clearly Report All The Problems You’re Facing

Because you use your phone for the most part of the day, no one can understand your phone better than yourself. For this reason, we suggest that you brief the technician about all the problems that you’re facing so that they can be handled in a better manner. In some situations, the repairer can connect all the dots and reach the root cause of the problem at hand. This will not only save the technician’s time but will also ensure that you get your device back in a timely manner. And if you’re facing multiple problems at the same, it’s best to report all of them so that they can be dealt with in the same go.

Remove The Passcode If Needed

Chances are that the repairer might need to access your device to diagnose the problem or even check if it’s fixed. However, the passcode can be a hindrance in this regard so it’s better to remove it before handing it over the repairing service. However, you should remove any personal data from your device to ensure that it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.

With that being said, you should also make sure to have your device fixed at the earliest and not wait for it to get completely dysfunctional as this may increase the repairing cost.