What Is An Orthomosaic Map And How Does It Relate To Drone Flying Systems

Aerial view of green grass field

An orthophoto or orthoimage is a satellite image or aerial photograph that is geometrically corrected. It means that its scale is uniform and follows a certain map projection. The difference is that an uncorrected aerial photograph cannot be used to measure the true distances. Hence, an orthophoto represents the correct distance of … Read more

What Are The Top 10 Drone Manufacturing Companies In The World

DJI Drone

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is defined as a motorized aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator. The drone uses aerodynamic forces for the uplift and to fly autonomously or by the remote pilot. The drone can be recoverable or consumable and it can carry a deadly or nonlethal payload. … Read more

Top Reasons For Drone Accidents

Drones are some of the most coveted electronic devices aside from phones and computers and drone crashes are happening more often. Drones have evolved from military purposes to commercial and private use such as real estate and photography. However, there is still a significant risk as they are susceptible to crashing. If … Read more

What is Drone LiDAR vs. Drone Photogrammetry?

A woman at a site with a drone flying above

When you get into the world of drones, there’s a lot to learn at every turn. You also have to make decisions about what kind of technology and methods to utilize, which will then influence the type of drone to buy. With all the choices and uses of drones, it can be … Read more

What Is A 3D GPS Tracking Device For Your Drone

Person holding a drone controller 

Drone or unmanned aerial vehicles come with a lot of options that are available at variable prices. It might be difficult to navigate through all the features. Also, you have to look for what they mean and whether the feature is something you need or not. A common feature to the most … Read more

Reasons for Buying Propeller Guards for Your Drone

a person holding a drone’s propeller guard   

Propeller guards are an essential accessory for every beginner drone enthusiast. A beginner can end up breaking a drone by flying it without proper safety accessories, such as propeller guards. It is always advised to take necessary precautions to ensure your own safety, the safety of others, and your equipment. Not doing … Read more

Tips for Drone Flying in Cold Regions during Snowfall

a landscape of a snowy lake.

Drone flying is a task that requires the user to be well aware of their surroundings. Weather can affect your drone flying experience both negatively and positively. One needs to be able to take proper precautions to protect the equipment from the weather.  Drones are very expensive. So, no matter whether you … Read more

What Are Heavy Lift Drones

Zipline Drone being tested in California

In the beginning, the drones were fragile machines but now with the new technology and advancements in material, they are capable of lifting heavier objects. Heavy lift drones, also known as delivery drones, are unmanned aerial vehicles used to transport cargo, packages, food, medical supplies, and much more. Heavy lift drones are … Read more

How Drones are Revolutionizing Agriculture?

DJI Agras MG-1 Agriculture Spraying Drone with Battery Charger

Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have been around since quite some time (early 80s). However, their practical applications rapidly expanded in the last five years, thanks to advancements in the sensor and camera technologies and falling prices. Agriculture is one of the most promising areas where drones can be very useful … Read more

What Are Drone Lightshows And How Do They Work

Drone light show at Ars Electronica Futurelab, 2015

A drone display is the use of multiple drones or unmanned aerial vehicles. Often quadcopters are used for light shows. They fly in a coordinated fashion for public display. The drones are usually equipped with LEDs. Drone light shows are done at night because they make a visible figure, art, or words. … Read more

Which Countries Don’t Allow Drones And Why

The usage of drones has grown across the globe. Professionals and hobbyists are using drones to create amazing videos. Some people are using drones to market their business. On the other hand, professional drone users are entering new possible businesses to make more money. Even though drones have gained popularity but few … Read more

Are Drones the Future of Fire Suppression?

Large and small-scale drones can be used for fire suppression

Ever since drones have become popular among the public, they have been used for different purposes. People have not only used them for recreation but also for mass photography. Event organizers are now promoting drone cinematography. This has also opened up the possibility of drones being used for other uses such as … Read more

Learn About Common Misconceptions About Drones

A lot of people have misconceptions about drones and remotely piloted vehicles

Drones are an all-time fun activity. They provide recreation time for people of all ages. There are different types of drones for beginners and professionals. Since the 21st century, drones have become popular day by day. However, the rise in the publicity of drones has also created a number of misconceptions and … Read more

Tips for Increasing Your Drone Flight Time

Drones may not last for long but few tips can help you out

Drones are pretty amazing. They allow us to have our recreation time and even help in creating some of the coolest videos as well. However, one problem that all drone users have faced unanimously is that the drones have a low battery timing. Many users are unable to enjoy a long flight … Read more

Tips For Using A Drone To Boost Your Business

Man holding a drone

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), is an aircraft without a human pilot. The flight of the UAV is controlled by remote control by a human, known as Remotely-Piloted Aircraft (RPA). With the advancement in technology, drones have become autonomous. It means that they use artificial intelligence to collect data without human intervention. … Read more

Best 10 tips for Drone Photography

A drone carrying a camera for aerial photography

Drone photography has become extremely popular over the past couple of years. These machines are not only used for special occasions but also in movies. Hollywood has been making good use of drone photography, allowing producers to catch some of the most splendid scenes and shots. However, one needs to have a … Read more

What Are Autonomous Drones

White drone flying

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or commonly known as a drone is an aircraft without a human crew, pilot, and passenger on board. They are a part of an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). There are further ground controllers and UAV communication systems. The flight of the UAV or Autonomous drones might be controlled … Read more

Guide to Drone Maintenance

Maintaining a drone may seem like a tough job but it's not.

Drone lovers tend to have this major concern with their drones that they become underperforming over some time. Although this is quite natural as machines do go under wear and tear, there are plenty of ways in which you can lower the rate of this wear and tear. All you need to … Read more

What is a Blimp Drone?

What is a Blimp Drone? Blimp drones are a new innovative take on an age-old technology that was used in historic airships. These drones are larger in size than their traditional counterparts but can provide longer airtime with higher maneuverability and more energy-efficiency. They are also known to be a much quieter … Read more