Tips for Using a Drone to Record the Special Moments at a Party

Drone quad copter flying over the roofs

Drones have recently grown in popularity for capturing memorable moments at occasions like parties, weddings, and other celebrations. Drones are popular among photographers and videographers due to their versatility regarding perspective and angle. But, to ensure that the footage is of the highest quality and captures the necessary occasions, employing a drone … Read more

How are Drones Helping Geologists?


With the advent of digital technology, our ability to gain a perspective of the Earth has drastically improved, opening us to new opportunities to study the planet’s dynamic behavior in areas like geology. Unmanned aircraft systems, also known as remotely piloted aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, or, more commonly, drones, are the most … Read more

How are drones helping to plant trees?


Communities all throughout the world are fighting for restored tree cover. Concerns over the loss of biodiversity and efforts to slow global warming are driving the increase in interest in forests. Unfortunately, high costs in underdeveloped economies and a lack of political will in affluent ones continue to hamper reforestation efforts. Fortunately, … Read more

How Can You Recycle a Used Drone Battery?


Lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries are among the most popular battery types for drones because they have the benefit of high energy density in comparison to their size and weight, with a greater voltage per cell, thus they can power the drone’s on-board electronics with fewer cells than other rechargeables.  Many drone enthusiasts … Read more

What is a Delivery Drone?


It may seem far-fetched at first to have goods delivered to your door by a drone. However, as more businesses switch to using drones for this purpose, it is becoming more typical to see a delivery drone in action.  As drone technology advances, new applications in various industries are becoming apparent. Businesses … Read more

What is drone soccer?


Drones are innovative tools that have been pushing the envelope of technology to further heights. We would typically think these drones are just used for aerial photography or surveillance but never in competitive sports. Interestingly, drones are now also actively involved in a sport that is gaining in popularity. It is called … Read more

What is the FAI Drone Racing World Cup?


Drone sports or first-person view (FPV) sports has been steadily growing its fan base in recent years because of its use of technology. It was first used in cinematography to capture high-speed chases. Later on, people used it as a hobby. However, these days, it is now a well-attended sport event. In … Read more

How are Drones Helping in Real Estate?


Using drones to capture amazing aerial photographs that give properties a unique perspective is one of the newest trends in real estate. Drones are being used to list many different kinds of real estate, including houses, flats, hotels, vacant land, commercial properties, and more. Currently available drone camera technology can record 360-degree … Read more

How are Drones Helping with Wildfires?


Communities and ecosystems are being destroyed by wildfires as they spread more frequently and with greater intensity. Around the planet, from Australia to the Arctic to North and South America, recent years have seen record-breaking wildfire seasons. Reduced wildfire risk is more important than ever due to rising global temperatures.  In the … Read more

How are Drones Helping to Deter Crime?

Flying drone

Governments and law enforcement agencies throughout the world are beginning to turn to drone technology to begin tackling some of the tough issues relating to crime. The next iteration of drone technology may be actively employed to combat crime.  Effective Monitoring of Key Areas  By providing efficient surveillance in strategic locations, drone … Read more

How are Drones Used for Surveying?

How are Drones Used for Surveying

Drones are effective instruments for mapping and surveying. By flying over the ground, they may efficiently carry out tasks for 3D mapping, land surveys, photogrammetry, and topographic surveying. What is a drone survey?  In general, surveying is the science of figuring out the separations and locations between two points, whether in a … Read more

How are Drones Used in Construction?

How are Drones Used in Construction

Drones are now a common sight in construction as trucks and excavators, thanks to the many ways they can be used to help workers better monitor and capture the construction of a project from inception to completion. In order to have a complete picture of how a project is progressing and to … Read more

How are Drones Helping Farmers?

How are Drones Helping Farmers

Weather predictions used to need a lot of guesswork when it comes to how they would impact agriculture. What kind of agricultural output can be expected?  Over the years, farmers have come up with innovative answers to these problems that make use of modern technology to the greatest extent possible.  The following … Read more

How can drones be used for aerial surveying?

drone operated

Drones are effective tools for the surveying and mapping industries. By flying above the ground, they can efficiently carry out tasks for topographic surveying, photogrammetry, 3D mapping, and land surveys. Here is all the information you need to know about drone surveying, whether you’re looking to add a new tool to your … Read more

Can you use night vision with drones?

drone operated

Your drone may benefit from having night vision for a variety of reasons. Drone operations at night are entertaining for hobbyists and necessary for many occupations. For every person and use, there is a night vision solution available.  There are three different night vision systems that can be used by drones. Each … Read more

5 of the Best Drone Accessories on the Market

5 of the Best Drone Accessories on the Market

Drones have become widely available for amateur and professional users over the past few years. Apart from being mainstream and affordable, thanks to companies like DJI, drones have become integral components of travel videos, events coverage, and journalism. Along with the increased popularity of drones comes the rise in the number of accessories you … Read more

Best Selling Drones in Different Price Ranges

Flying Drone

If you are currently looking for drones that you can fly as a hobby or as a tool that can help you take better photos and videos as a photographer, you will see these flying gadgets can come in different price ranges. Of course, the most popular drones are the ones that … Read more

Legal Ways to Make Money with a Drone

drone flying on the field

Because of how fun drones are to fly, there are already thousands of people that own one. While a lot of them fly drones as a hobby, there are some that actually utilize the drone to get money. In fact, the drone is arguably one of the best gadgets that can turn … Read more

Is It Possible to Go Deer Hunting with a Drone?

Timing is important for you to fly out the drone

The drone, also known by some as an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, has many uses in various industries, which includes photography, agriculture, real estate, construction, and security. While drones can be quite versatile, there are certain industries and activities that forbid the use of these gadgets. One of these activities where … Read more

Industries Using Photography Drones

drone at home

It is not surprising that drones are quite popular in this day and age, as they are often utilized for various reasons. Of course, one of the biggest reasons for the drone’s popularity is its fun controls, as flying a drone is sincerely an amazing experience, especially for those that like RC … Read more